Integrated Medical Detox & Reset Retreat

The impact of our stress, trauma and unhealthy exposures to toxins in our diet and environment accumulates in our bodies to create an imbalance and interference with our overall physical and mental well being
Our goal during your stay at POHALA is to ‘reset” and create balance in your system, by incorporating healthy nutrition and activities you enjoy and will be able to continue in your daily lives. Radical detox programs are temporary and don’t take into account your dietary and lifestyle needs that must be incorporated into a long term, daily approach. Our clinical team will evaluate your health needs prior and during your visit and will recommend and institute a customized plan.
An onsite certified nutritionist and chef will plan and prepare all meals during your stay in order to provide optimal nutrition, and our medical staff will incorporate customized medical and wellness therapies to clear the body of any undo toxins and stress.

During this rejuvenating retreat, you will experience:

4 Weeks Prior to Arrival:

  • Orientation and Teleconference Meeting with Supporting medical Staff
  • Customized Integrative Medicine consultation
  • Laboratory Analysis

1-2 Weeks Prior to Arrival:

  • Analysis of lab work
  • Discussion of customized treatment plan

Combining cutting edge science with Indigenous Wisdom, we offer an Exclusive and Medically Individualized Retreat Experience, Focusing on Wellness, Regeneration, Detoxification, and Management of Chronic Disease.
(7 and 14 day programs)

Upon Arrival

Detox Fasting, Optimize Wellness, Quantum Biology, Rejuvenation

  • Personalized, Comprehensive and State of the Art Integrative Medicine Evaluation
  • Evaluation of and Treatment of Heavy Metal Toxins
  • Evaluation and Treatment of Organic Toxins
  • Customized Chronic Disease Detoxification and Reset Treatment Protocols
  • Epigenetic Reset
  • Exposure to principals of Quantum Biology, Water fasting and Dry Fasting and integrating them into your daily life practices

Customized Diet and Nutrition Plan.

  • Continuous metabolism monitoring and analysis
  • Customized Diet, Nutrition and weight management plan based on the foods you enjoy eating

Addiction recovery Support:

  • Immune detox and reset with targeted counseling, activities and lifestyle integration
  • Physician directed Psychedelic medication integration
  • Vitamin and nutrient deficiency supplementation
  • Post integration counseling, nutrition, and activities

Example of a Typical Day of Retreat


From $9,500 – Single occupancy

$6,800 – Double occupancy


**Prices shown above reflect standard medical detox retreat services. Prices may increase based on customized client preferences and medical treatment recommendations.