Ketamine RESET for Mental Health

A program designed to reset and reconnect vital pathways in the brain to expand awareness and shed one from past traumas and negative habits and ways of thinking.

Our Ketamine RESET Retreat Experience is a comprehensive, transformative clinical, and lifestyle educational experience. Our Ketamine RESET retreat is an intimate opportunity to work with our clinical and wellness teams. The Ketamine RESET retreat also focuses on mind-body connection through daily practices and exposes clients to effective holistic therapies that have been used for centuries in healing such as sound bath therapy, Yoga and movement therapies, and meditation/visualization practices. We combine the medical and holistic experiences with unique excursions and activities that highlight the healing elements of the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Pohala clinical staff includes a multidisciplinary team of mental health and medical experts trained on the latest integrated psychedelic therapies for diagnosed medical conditions. Our goal is to avoid and/or minimize the reliance on daily psychiatric medications and treatments by employing a more aggressive and impactful clinical approach.

Our Ketamine Integration experience is...

Our Ketamine for Mental Health retreat integrates best practices in Ketamine medical management, integrated psychedelic psychotherapy , and proven indigenous healing practices. We combine these modalities to provide guests with directed individual and group Ketamine sessions.

Conditions We Treat:

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Depression is a mental health condition that is characterized by hopelessness, lack of interest or pleasure in activities and frequent feelings of sadness. According to (NIMH) 21 Million U.S. Adults have suffered from major depressive episodes since 2021.

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Anxiety and Chronic Stress

Anxiety, chronic stress, panic disorder and social anxiety is a common mental health disorder, affecting millions of adults. Symptoms of anxiety may include: excessive worry, restlessness, fatigue, trouble concentrating, irritability, muscle tension and sleep disturbances. Integrated Ketamine therapy and holistic practices can be effective treatment alternatives to long term medications.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a mental health condition that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. Symptoms can include, but aren’t limited to: flashbacks, nightmares, intense anxiety, persistent and uncontrollable thoughts and avoiding situations that remind them of the experience. Ketamine therapy has been shown to be highly effective in treating treatment resistant PTSD.

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Addictive Personality Traits have become an epidemic in society, with traditional therapies being highly ineffective and often resulting in continued dangerous behaviors. Common symptoms linked to an addictive personality can include: Impulsivity, low stress tolerance, low self esteem, trouble managing emotions, chronic high stress levels and compulsivity. Integrated Ketamine therapy is showing promise in addressing the physiological and psychological challenges associated with addictive personalities.

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Chronic Pain Disorder

Chronic Pain Disorder is a complex, multi-system disease affecting both the physical and mental health of individuals. Characteristics/conditions related to chronic pain may include: Neuropathic pain, inflammatory pain,musculoskeletal pain, CRPS, Visceral pain, Migraines, TMJD, Degenerative Disc Disease, Post Surgical Pain, and Psychogenic Pain. The physiological and neurological RESET with Ketamine Therapy along with cellular detoxification and inflammatory reduction can often have a powerful impact on chronic pain conditions.

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Ketamine RESET with Cellular Detoxification

Clients also have the option to upgrade their Ketamine RESET experience with a comprehensive cellular system detoxification. Ketamine therapy with cellular detoxification can enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, by purifying the body and enhancing Ketamine absorption in the body.

Conditions We Treat:

  • Drug Resistant Depression and Anxiety disorders
  • Addiction
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Therapy Resistant Trauma Reconciliation
All guests are pre-screened by our psychiatry team, and closely followed by our psychedelic integration team.

Sample Retreat Schedule





*May incur an additional fee

Ketamine integration for Addiction :

The POHALA medical staff includes Board Certified Physicians in Addiction Medicine, Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine and Psychiatry, along with certified counselors and therapists providing both onsite and monitored care. Each client will be assigned a Physician who will provide and oversee your care path during your stay.

The POHALA Lodge is also one of the few places in the country offering medically supervised integrated medicine model with ketamine therapy or trauma and addiction included in our integrated medicine model.
We also provide accommodation at the lodge for families to stay and support their loved ones in their healing process.

Ketamine Retreat

3 day/2 night
1 Ketamine session


$1710 + TAX

Small Bedroom

Double Bed

Private Bath

1830 + TAX

Small Bedroom

Queen Bed

Private Bath

$1600 + TAX

Shared Bedroom

Shared Bath

Double Bed

$1950 + TAX

Large Bedroom

King Bed

$1360 + TAX

Shared Dormitory

Shared Bath Private Bath


What people are saying about
their Ketamine RESET experience...

Thea S.

This location is breathtaking, the setup is beautiful, the staff are incredible and the community of individuals it attracts is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend Pohala Lodge and look forward to returning again soon. It feels like a home away from home.

Kevin M.

This place is nothing short of majestic. Unbelievable location, staff, and facilities.